Michigan Crusades for Kids—A special parade for Brody
June 6, 2021
Jeremy James, Coordinator

perfect day for our 80+ vehicle parade for our very special recipient, Brody. He's been stuck inside for some time during the pandemic, so his family thought a vehicle parade would be right up his alley. Stretching over a mile in length, the Chesterfield Police/Fire Departments started us off right with lights and sirens blazing. Followed closely by five, yes, five different chapters of Warthog Police Motorcycle groups, stretching from across lower Michigan. Several fellow students and their families jumped in with banners and posters, with over 40 classic cars to end the procession, with the likes of Ferraris, Corvettes, and a host of classic cars. We thank you all for driving out on this blazing hot day of nearly 90. Evidence of success was in Brody's smile as he cruised his neighborhood in a Ferrari.